News from Istria

Romantic evenings in the mystical Central Istria

When thinking about the perfect way to impress your beloved one or simply escape from urban areas, renting a villa in Croatia will surely hit the right spot. An ideal hideaway choice is definitely Central Istria because of it’s mystique and luxurious history.

You can be sure that the locals mind their own business here, and the atmosphere is so calm that sometimes it can even be too hard to fall asleep. Combined with a mixture of Mediterranean flora and climate , the fresh air relaxes your body instantly. While the day offers you a variety of walking and biking trails, the evening fills the air with romance accompanied by magical views and cricket sounds.

A way to truly experience Central Istria is to visit Motovun, a beautiful medieval town situated on top of a hill. It is also said to be the crossroads of the Earth’s energetic meridians which emanate positive life energy. Those energy fields have a relaxing effect, they increase concentration and spirituality, which is a real icing on the cake to this charming historical town. With its population of only 531 residents it assures you to have a true romantic, typical istrian, dinner in a fine restaurant. Later on it’s recommended to enjoy unique views of Venetian colonial architecture and luxury historical sites and villas by taking a walk on the inner city walls.

The walk will provide you even more fresh air and rest your eyes and soul at the famous Motovun forest, specially protected for its rich flora and worldwide known truffles. Ending the trip with a glass of famous Istrian Malvasia wine by the swimming pool will close the evening in a way you could only imagine: tasteful, rejuvenating and just magical.